Southeast Idaho Historical Sites
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Bannock County Idaho Historical Museum Bannock County Hist. Museum
3000 Alvord Loop Pocatello
Bannock County
Phone: (208) 233-0434
Memorial Day weekend - Labor Day.
          10am-6pm daily
          Tues.-Sat., 10am-2pm
          Adults: Ages 12 Up - $1.00
          Children: Ages 6 - 12 - $0.50
          Children: under 6 free
The Bannock County Historical Museum houses exhibits illustrating Pocatello's early railroad history and Shoshone-Bannock Indian artifacts. It sits adjacent to the Fort Hall Replica and the Ross Park Zoo in Pocatello.
Bingham County Idaho Historical MuseumBingham County Hist. Museum
190 N. Shilling Ave.- Blackfoot
Bingham County
Phone: (208) 785-8065
Wed.-Fri., 1pm-4:30pm
Rates: Make a Donation
On the outside, this 15 room mansion looks like a southern plantation home. On the inside, it houses an historic collection of classic dolls and Native American artifacts. Wood and iron Victorian ornamentation adds to the building's interest. Guided tours are available.
Idaho Museum of Natural History Idaho Museum of Natural History
5th Avenue & Dillon St. - Pocatello
Bannock County

Phone: (208) 282-3317
          Tues.- Sat., 10am to 5pm
          Adults, $5.00
          Seniors, $4.00
          Students, $3.00
          Children (4 - 11), $2.00
          Children (under 4), FREE
The mission of the Idaho Museum of Natural History is to acquire, preserve, study, interpret and display objects for research and education relating to the natural history of Idaho and the Northern Intermountain West. The Museum seeks to enhance an understanding of Idaho's natural and cultural history for the citizens of Idaho and visitors. Exhibits depict the natural history of Idaho and the Intermountain West. The main gallery exhibit is The Nature of Idaho while the Fichter Gallery hosts changing exhibits. Children enjoy the Discovery Room and the Odyssey Portal. A Museum Store offers unique items for children and adults.
The Museum of Idaho The Museum of Idaho
200 N. Eastern Ave. Idaho Falls
Bonneville County
Phone: (208) 522-1400
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm
          Adults, $6.00
          Seniors 62+, $5.00
          Youth 4-18, $4.00
          Children under 4, Free.
The Museum of Idaho is Idaho's premier national traveling exhibit museum and is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the natural and cultural history of Idaho and the Intermountain West. The museum does this by developing regional educational programs in the sciences and humanities, and by hosting nationally acclaimed exhibitions including A T. Rex Named Sue, Discovering Idaho: The World of Lewis & Clark, and Space Journey (NASA). The museum offers permanent displays about the Columbian Mammoth, Lewis and Clark, the Race for Atomic Power, and the Children's Discovery Room, along with a reading and reference library, presentations, and educational programs.
The National Oregon/California Trail Center The National Oregon/California Trail Center
320 North 4th Street - Montpelier
Bear Lake County

Phone: (866) 847-3800 (toll free) Hours:
May 1 September 30th
          9 am - 5 pm, (Sun. - Thur.)
October 1 - April 30
          Reservation only
          Adults: Ages 12 Up - $8.00
          Children: Ages 5 - 12 - $5.00
          Children: under 5 free
          Seniors: 60 and over - $6.00
The National Oregon/California Trail Center is located near the Clover Creek Encampment of the Oregon Trail. The trail center depicts the 2000-mile, 5-month journey along the Oregon Trail in daily Living History tours. A Wagon Master guides visitors through an interactive tour that includes a simulated covered wagon ride generated by advanced computer technology.
Shoshone Bannock Museum Shoshone Bannock Tribal Museum
Simplot Road Fort Hall
Bingham County
Phone: (800) 806-9229
          9:30am-5pm Daily
          9:30am-5pm Mon-Fri
          Adults: $2.50
          Children: Ages 6 - 18 - $1.00
          Children: under 6 free
Artifacts from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe and information about tribal history can be explored at this small museum in Fort Hall. The museum also includes old tribal photographs and unique beadwork. It is adjacent to shops and the tribal casino. A special exhibition of paintings depicting Lewis & Clark meeting the Shoshones will be on display from June 2005 to September 2006.
Paris Historical Museum Paris Historical Museum
East side of Highway 89, Paris
Bear Lake County

Memorial Day to Labor Day
          9:30 am to 5 pm
This place of worship is recognized as one of the true pioneer landmarks of the West and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In 1889, this Romanesque Mormon tabernacle was constructed of red sandstone that had to be transported by wagon or sled from a quarry 18 miles away. A free, self-guided tour reveals intricate wood ceilings and stone carvings. A small museum houses heirlooms and objects of art left by the homesteaders. Guided tours are also available.
Idaho Potato Expo - Museum Idaho Potato Expo - Museum
130 NW Main - Blackfoot
Bingham County
Phone: 208-785-2517
          9:30a.m.-3:00p.m. - Mon- Fri
          9:30a.m.-5:00p.m. - Mon- Sat
          Adults $3.00
          Children 6-12 $1.00
          Children under 6 Free
          Seniors 55+ $2.50
The Idaho Potato Exposition offers dozens of fun and educational exhibits featuring the world's most popular vegetable and Idaho's most famous product. The museum features old farming equipment, several educational exhibits including 1600-year-old vessels made in Peru and a video presentation about the development of the potato industry. You can also view the world's largest potato chip and the Spud Cellar Gift Shop offers almost any potato gift imaginable including potato ice cream, potato fudge, t-shirts and, of course, fresh Idaho potatoes.
neida County Pioneer Museum Oneida County Pioneer Museum
27 Bannock Street- Malad
Oneida County
Phone: 208-766-4847
Spring Through Fall
Tues-Sat 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.or by appointment
Fees: Free Admission

This Building was built in 1914 by R.B. Davis and used as a Drug Store for many years. Miles Slater was the pharmacist. The original pressed-tin ceiling and the original safe are still in good condition and are interesting features of the Oneida Pioneer Museum. For Many Years this building housed the State Liquor Store and was later used as a Sears Catalog Outlet. It has been the home of the Oneida Pioneer Museum since 1992.
Chesterfield Town Restoration Chesterfield Town Restoration
1504 Ten Mile Pass Road Bancroft
Caribou County
Phone: (208) 648-7124
Memorial Day - Labor Day
Mon.-Sat., 10am-6pm
Fees: Donations Accepted
Chesterfield is a Mormon pioneer town founded in 1880 along the Old Oregon Trail in southeast Idaho. A visit to Chesterfield is a unique trip back in time and a chance to experience the rural agricultural life of a community whose deep faith helped them endure the hardships of life on the frontier. Now unoccupied, 27 structures overlooking the beautiful Portneuf Valley near Bancroft are being restored by descendents of the early settlers and volunteers. The meeting house now is a museum and tours are available. This is a special experience for youth groups, school groups, family reunions, and family groups. Chesterfield is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Rails & Trails Museum Rails & Trails Museum
320 North 4th Street Montpelier
Bear Lake County
Phone: (208) 847-3800
Memorial Day weekend - Labor Day.
          10:00 am to 5:00 pm
          Adults: Ages 12 Up - $8.00
          Children: Ages 5 - 12 - $5.00
          Children: under 5 free
          Seniors: 60 and over - $6.00
The Rails & Trails Museum within the heritage center displays artifacts, diaries, relics of the pioneers of Bear Lake Valley including railroad memorabilia. Allow 40-minutes minimum. AAA approved.
Fort Hall ReplicaFort Hall Replica
3002 Alvord Loop- Pocatello
Bannock County

Phone: (208) 234-1795
April 11th - May 27th
          10am to 2pm (Tues. - Sat.)
May 28th - September 6th
          10am to 6pm (daily)
Sept. 7th - Sept. 30th
          10am to 2pm (daily)
          Adults, $2.50
          Seniors, $2.00
          Children (12 - 17), $1.50
          Children (3 - 11), $1.00
Oneida Stake AcademyOneida Stake Academy
Benson Park Preston
Franklin County

The Oneida Stake Academy building, built in 1890 and which once again made history in 2003 when it was moved, in one piece, to its new home in Benson Park in the city center of Preston. As far as we know, the Academy is the largest, highest, and heaviest building to be moved intact in U.S. history. Restoration of the grand old lady of Preston is under way.
Franklin Relic Hall Franklin Relic Hall
111 East Main Franklin
Franklin County
Phone: (208) 233-0434
Memorial Day through Labor Day and at other times by appointment.
In 1923 the Franklin Pioneer Association bought the old Franklin Cooperative Mercantile Building, located on Main Street one block east ofU.S. Highway 91, to use as a museum. After running out of room in that facility, the Association deeded a building lot to the State of Idaho located adjacent to and west of the Mercantile Building, hoping that a new building would be constructed on the site. The legislature appropriated funds for construction of a rustic log hall, which was built in 1936-37 from timber provided by the Forest Service and labor by Civilian Conservation Corps crews. The Idaho State Historical Society has been responsible for maintaining the Relic Hall building since its construction.
Franklin Relic Hall Franklin Cooperative Mercantile Building
111 East Main Franklin
Franklin County
Phone: (208) 233-0434
Memorial Day through Labor Day and at other times by appointment.
Believed to have been constructed in 1870, this building stands on the east side of the Relic Hall and is probably the best preserved early commercial building in Idaho. It is still used as an adjunct display area to the Relic Hall.
Register RockRegister Rock
Register Rock, located two miles from Massacre Rocks State Park, is home to a huge boulder that holds the signatures of Oregon Trail emigrants who stopped for an evening of rest before continuing on their journeys. Register Rock is a beautiful picnic area complete with shade trees, lawn, a horseshoe pitching area, restrooms, fire pits, and barbecue grills.
Massacre Rocks Massacre Rocks
3592 N. Park Ln.- American Falls
Power County

Phone:(208) 548-2672
Tours can be arranged.
Fees: $4 per vehicle / day
separate camping fees
"A widely reported Indian attack occurred in the Massacre Rocks area on August 9, 1862. Two small wagon trains were attacked, and eight men and one woman were killed. Some of the participants believed that white men were involved in the skirmishes."Emigrant Trails of Southern Idaho, p. 31
"Gate of Death" and "Devil's Gate" were names given to this area during the Oregon Trail period. These names referred to the narrow break in the rocks through which the Trail passed. Lander road, the main Oregon Trail, and the California Trail are all combined in this area.
Franklin Relic HallThe Evans Co-op Building
25 North Main St- Malad
Oneida County

This block housed the first department store in Idaho, the Evans Co-op, which was part of the Mormon cooperative movement of the 1860s, in which local production and purchasing was encouraged through cooperatives. The block, including both the co-op building and the old J.N. Ireland Bank, is on the National Register. The co-op is now a Tru Value Hardware Store.